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Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property

Why Ronald Harris of Ravensworth Hay NSW - The Reasons why it is a Good Opportunity


Ravensworth Cattle Property is one of Australia’s major producers of beef and cotton. We are currently capable of raising about 15,000 head and have the ability to one day raise about 60,000. We also have plans to go in to dairy farming using the most modern methods. Despite all this you might be wondering, as a possible customer or investor, why you should go with Ravensworth Cattle Property. What do we have to offer?

A World Class Facility

Ravensworth Cattle Property is a 14, 300 hectare sized operation about 50 kilometers west of Hay. “There are a number of natural qualities that makes it a good spot for agricultural work. These include good soil and access to water. In addition to that its home to a state of art farming and business center.” Says Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property. Features of this facility include;

• 2 processing sheds that are fully automated
• A total of 14 holding pens
• Concrete loading area
• A fire system that includes overhead sprinklers
• Double decker loading ramp
• 3 feedlot holding pens that make up a small animal hospital
• A two story office building that includes a mezzanine level and a verandah


A Good Partner and Provider

Ravensworth Cattle Property’s core philosophy is based on making sure that all its dealings have good merit. “We scrutinizes all our investments and potential assets to make sure they can live up to their promise. By doing this we avoid financial missteps and can better plan for the future.” Says Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property. This makes us a good partner because you know we are finically secure and it makes us a good place to get goods from because you know we will produce quality service.

A Member of the Community with a Vision for the Future

Ravensworth Cattle Property’s owner; Ronald Harris, has a vision of using new and sustainable farming practices to feed future generations. These practices include using the soil wisely, selective plant breeding, and the use of new technologies. They have led to our success but they can also lead to being able to still feed people. By both feeding and employing them Ravensworth Cattle Property has benefitted many, making it a valuable member of the community. Isn’t that something you want to be part of?


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Ronald Harris:

Ronald Harris has been growing food to feed people for over a decade. In 1993 he leased the land that would become Ravensworth Cattle Property before buying it in 1999.

Through his hard work and good business sense Ravensworth Cattle Property may have started small but it has grown in to one of the largest agricultural operations in Australia which is capable of handling 10s of thousands of cattle with the ability to one day handle many more.