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Ronald Harris of Ravensworth - Philosophy


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“We will engage in the development of strategic alliances and regularly compare actual investment performance with the asset plan, exit strategy and stated investment strategy in order to optimize for each asset, the highest value proposition.”

This is the philosophy of Ravensworth Cattle Property as stated by our principle; Ronald Harris. What does that mean? Well, first, Ravensworth Cattle Property will build partnerships with others in order to bring in prosperity and continue feeding people. These are our two main goals and by reaching out to those who can help us we can be surer of their success. Ravensworth Cattle Property have formed numerous such partnerships with the benefits flowing in both directions. “Part of why we have done so well is because we have a lot to offer so we can give as well as receive.” Says Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property. This has led us to becoming a major part of the local community, a fact that Ronald Harris is proud of.

When the people of Ravensworth Cattle Property conduct business they will make sure every investment is sound and secure. “By looking at the facts they make certain that every deal, investor, and plan lives up to its promise. This way Ravenworth Cattle Property can make good on the returns from them both in profit as well as producing quality crops and livestock. By following this line of thinking Ravensworth Cattle Property has grown in to one of Australia’s top agricultural outfits with even still more room for growth.” Says Ronald Harris Ravensworth Cattle Property. Whether it’s by employing or feeding them Ravensworth Cattle Property has benefitted many people thanks to our sound business practices and our willingness to be a contributing member of its community. With our continued success Ravensworth Cattle Property proves that you can combine good citizenship with good business sense and come out ahead. Ravensworth Cattle Property is more than a business, it’s a legacy that will last well in to the future.


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Ronald Harris:

Ronald Harris has been growing food to feed people for over a decade. In 1993 he leased the land that would become Ravensworth Cattle Property before buying it in 1999.

Through his hard work and good business sense Ravensworth Cattle Property may have started small but it has grown in to one of the largest agricultural operations in Australia which is capable of handling 10s of thousands of cattle with the ability to one day handle many more.